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I was born and raised in Shillington, PA on September 21, 1990. The day of international peace, I came into this world waving hello. I was known as a great artist as early as elementary school. At age 12, I became a drummer in a band called Valiant with my two brothers. Music took over my life and it continued to into my 20's. I took art classes in my high school years which would grow my abilities but it wasn't until the band dissolved that I started to really approach drawing again. It was one lonely Halloween that I started illustrating an adventurous storybook that would spark my love for drawing to a whole new level. I continued to work on my story until tragedy struck when I was 25 that would lead to the creation of many things including my first release "Cutting Teeth". I am working on 4 different stories as of now and plan to release them throughout the next couple of years. Drawing, writing, and illustrating has become my purpose blossoming.

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