T. W. Atkinson

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"When I take a photo snapshot, everything, who I am, what I have experienced, what I have seen, what I have read, etc, go into creating a visual image. Everything leads to the unconscious Sense to foresee that the Creation threads of that moment in present reality are coming together to create a revelatory moment in Time, that magical moment that can express the UnSeen. It doesn't happen very often. Most of the time that instant is lost, it may be sensed, but just missed. Sometimes in a small mysterious area of a photo taken it exists, and you see it afterwards and adjust and frame the photo to illustrate it so that it can be revealed. Even if the magic isn't there, what you still hope for is a visual image that tells a story or captures a memory that would be gone forever except that years later it is reborn when you look at the photo again. Life itself is a dynamic work of art."

T.W. Atkinson "UnSeen: The Snapshot and the Art of Life"

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