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My name is Ira Yakobson and I love taking pictures of happy people.
My soul and my heart are the whole essence of photography.

I’m 31 years old.
My life is dedicated to the hunting of butterflies, the perfect pictures, which are sometimes difficult or easy to catch.

My works are for people with a good taste, who appreciate in photographs emotions, spirit, spontaneity and beauty.

In a modern world every family has thousands of unsorted pictures on your personal computers, iphones, androids, etc. but is it possible to make from them one good, beautiful, emotional, family album, which you can pass to the next generations? This kind of task you can trust only to professional.
I am not fond of glamour shootings, I love emotions and a warm human communication. I transfer my love to people through my pictures.
I travel worldwide. I’m interested in any kind of propositions of work abroad (especially wedding photo), please, feel free to write me to photo@irinayakobson.com

Áreas de especialización

I shoot weddings, love stories, pregnant, fashion, accessories, birthday parties, any other kinds of special occasions, kids, flowers, men and women :)

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