Suzannah Scully

San Francisco, CA 94123
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Suzannah Scully’s mission is to inspire others to discover and follow their passion.

She is a CPCC certified career coach who believes that what you do should reflect who you are. Suzannah challenges, motivates and holds her clients accountable to make positive changes in their lives and career.

Suzannah graduated from UCLA and spent almost ten years in the corporate world in both design and merchandising for Gap, Inc. and Williams-Sonoma, Inc. and later became the director of marketing for a major wine company. While of these jobs sounded great, she found herself unhappy in each one. She finally went to see a life coach herself and discovered that what she loved most was helping others discover and follow their passion.

When Suzannah is not working with her clients, she loves being outdoors playing with her son, husband and dog, practicing yoga, dancing, cooking and discussing theories about the show LOST.

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