Oleg Pleshkov

Moscow, Russia
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Being both a photographer and writer is what I love. It was always what I liked to do from my childhood. I travel a lot, meet amazing people and breathtaking sights. I pick up my lens to any trip I take. Combining two of my favorite hobbies I create my books. Studying facts and history, arranging my pictures and putting words on a page, through my own experience and point of view I feel like I caught the moment and turned it into a wonderful memory which lasts forever.
My books are about the places I've been, so all the people are real.
I think, any person deserves to be written about as any place deserves to be visited. I hope you enjoy my books and know more about countries I've been and people I've met.

Фотография - увлечение с первых классов школы. Большинство созданных фотокниг - в закрытом разделе, так как делались для кого-то. Возможно изготовление книг на заказ. Тематика - путешествия, природа, тематические мероприятия.
Возможны фотоальбомы по странам: Швейцария, США и т.д.

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