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Henry Gaye
Blurbero desde enero de 2009
Nombre de la empresa Henry Gaye
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Ubicación Switzerland
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Acerca de mi empresa Music and Literature

Henry Gaye has become a musical force to reckon with. The singer-songwriter's claim to fame is the unadultrated masculine voice, sensual and direct making fans want more, the fully melodious lines and the plain lyrics some people term daring and radical in some of his songs touching on topics we all care about but unfortunately, sometimes pretend don't exist till we become victims ourselves. Henry Gaye's music revolves around love, hate, world affairs and everyday life you can't help not being part of. Alternative R&B, HipHop fused with Pop and Rock undertones. Henry Gaye is online for your downloads and more news. "Break These Chains", Henry Gaye's new CD album has been launched the 08/04/2011 under the Arsen Records label. Twelve tracks which took almost a year to prepare and bring out. Henry Gaye, who has been singing and songwriting for the past 15 to 20 years is not new to the stage or show business. Wanting to leave a piece of himself for his fans to take ho
Áreas de especialización Author, Lyricist, Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist.

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Henry Gaye is an author, singer and songwriter. He describes himself more as a poet who puts his words to music.
Young Henry Gaye used to entertain his parents and siblins to music at home then branched into the church choir where he later became an organist.
He then left to follow the road to serious contemporary music and recorded his first two cassette tapes in the early 90s.
"Break These Chains" Henry Gaye current music CD is selling via online download and music stores.
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
Henry Gaye covers very sensitive topics in his book ranging from politics through religion to world affairs.
His first book "Dirty Blood" dwells on the mafia and organised crime life.
The second book "The Devil's Army" covers radical/fundamentalist Islam, the Taliban and the world's relationship to terrorism and religious fanatism. Henry Gaye lives and works in the picturisque south-west German region of Baden-Württemberg.