Acerca del autor

Victor Vidal
Blurbero desde enero de 2010
Nombre Victor Vidal
Ubicación Copenhagen, Denmark
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Emeritus Professor
Mi biografía Víctor Valqui Vidal
Mathematician, Engineer, Sociologist, Poet and Visual Artist

For me Art is a way to express my ideas, reflections, socio-political concerns and visions about a better World. It is storytelling using different kind of materials, techniques, images, symbols and mixed media. I do not seek a specific style, but I combine in creative ways different symbols, styles, schools and techniques to tell my story.
For me the creative aspect in Art is more essential than aesthetics.
In my creative work I seek to break boundaries and constraints due to material, traditions or routines. I usually seek in my work ambiguity, humour, criticism, playfulness and weirdness. I make Art for the brain
not for the eyes. My pieces of art usually demand participation and involvement of the viewer, they are though provoking.