Jasper van der Meij

Haarlem, The Netherlands
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Been photographic for about 5 years now. Running a daily photoblog at

I was featured as Weekly Pic-k on VFXY and Dawn M. Armfield wrote this lovely review on my blog:

"Jasper van der Meij's photoblog, photo.shoq, is a gallery of wonderful images from his homeland of the Netherlands. As beautiful as his photographs are, however, it is the subtle, well-executed vignetting that draws me in to the images. Jasper's skill at focusing a shot with vignetting is magical. Never does the vignetting overwhelm the shot; instead, it draws the eye in, focusing on the details of the image.

I think I've fallen for the Netherlands as seen through Jasper's eyes. His images carry a sense of nostalgia and longing, as well as a strong sense of homeland, each an enticing ingredient that, combined, makes for a powerful portfolio of images."

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