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China's Tibet is an exploration of an ancient and well guarded culture as it is pulled into the 21st Century by one of the world’s fastest growing economies. It's been sixty years since the Chinese took arms against the isolationist nation and decided to rule it and despite a devastating Cultural Revolution that attempted to erode the lifestyles of so many the Tibetans have fought hard to remain distinct and proud.

The name China's Tibet refers to the new Tibet that is rising from the tattered remnants of the old nation in a whirlwind alongside the myriad of Chinese cranes raising new houses and offices in Tibetan towns and cities across the plateau.

This new Tibet is powered and connected; it's a haven for Han Chinese migrants attracted by Government subsidies. The increasingly marginalised Tibetan communities are a lucrative tourist magnet and throngs of Chinese tourists pour into ancient monasteries watched closely by CCTV and spies.

China's Tibet will make a lot of money for the motherland and a huge amount has already been invested. While the old Tibet is followed through crosshairs and camera lens and may already be dying, they're building a new one to replace it.

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