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In partnership with the Microsoft Giving Campaign, United Way and Blurb, the Microsoft Photography Club produced this fine art photography book for the 2009 Microsoft Giving Campaign. More than 200 photographers at Microsoft gave their time, talent and photography to make this book a reality.

Not only does this book make a wonderful addition to any collection, and a thoughtful gift, each copy you purchase contributes directly to the ongoing, important work of United Way.

This book is offered for purchase at the cost of printing plus $25.00. This additional amount is contributed directly to United Way in your name and is fully tax deductable as a charitable contribution.

Why We Selected United Way

United Way of King County mobilizes our community in ways that no single agency, individual, or government can to enhance the ability of people to care for one another.

We do this by:

•Bringing together people for government, business, faith groups, nonprofits and the media, as well as ordinary citizens, to address critical issues such as school readiness and homelessness.
•Investing in programs that address a broad range of community challenges, with a particular focus on three priorities: meeting basic needs, ending homelessness and getting all children in King County ready to succeed in school.
•Encouraging people to contribute money and time to improve the community.

We deeply understand our community, its people and the challenges. Our staff and volunteers are continuously following social indicators, and documenting needs as they emerge and evolve. As compared with other nonprofits, including other United Ways, we are incredibly efficient: 96 cents of every donated dollar goes to meet community need (thanks, in part, to our Gates Endowment). We also make smart investments that make a differenceóand we insist on clear and measurable results from our grantees. For more information, please visit:


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United Way of King County
msftgive Seattle, WA
United Way of King County mobilizes our community in ways that no single agency, individual, or government can to enhance the ability of people to care for one another. We do this by: * Bringing the community together to address critical issues such as early learning and homelessness. * Investing in programs that provide the education, jobs, shelter, food and health people need to be successful. * Encouraging people to contribute money and time to improve the community.

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