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This mythical country had beckoned me in photographs of the banks of the Ganga River and temples of the Himalayan foothills, but I stepped into modern India, its economic growth fueled by construction millionaires, and for a few months I met the workers.


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Matthieu Grospiron
zwaltek france

working on feature animated movies in california, or as an art teacher in India or as a free lance photographer everywhere.

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zwaltek dice

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kumarn.>

Merci Jola !

publicado 29 de ago. a las 13:47 PST


kumarn dice

i have gone through your book India,& was happy to see faces I see
every day. congratulations for your efforts & putting it in a proper way.
Mumbai is a very interesting place which never sleeps.Very enrgetic
You will see the whole India in Mumbai.
Kumar Nawathe.Mumbai (India)

publicado 29 de ago. a las 05:50 PST


jola dice


publicado 24 de ene. a las 05:00 PST


Ksandr dice

you are right! Now I work on the site creation. The main is a wedding photo because it is connected with a trade ^__^

publicado 02 de dic. a las 22:27 PST


zwaltek dice

yep but you already have a lot of good images.
you should build your own web site, your work deserve it.

and don't worry for the english, now it's wordglish so we can improvize a bit ;-)

publicado 02 de dic. a las 14:59 PST


Ksandr dice

oh, yes! my photos are here
and I have a new page here

but I havent fotos from another countries yet! Soon it will be changed!
(sorry, my english is not so good)

publicado 02 de dic. a las 14:29 PST


zwaltek dice

found your link !
there's a lot of images. (-:

publicado 01 de dic. a las 12:40 PST

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