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It is generally understood that the Vietnamese are close: they are close to their family; they are close to their traditions and ancestors; and they are close to their history. As their country shifts into the future, these intangibles, essential to being Vietnamese, remain unchanged. The images in this series are the product of self rediscovery, as I explored my identity by revisiting my origins, and realized the life I would have lived had our family not left Vietnam over thirty years ago.


Acerca del autor

Lung Liu
lungsliu Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Amateur Photographer With Recent Accomplishments In: B&W 2008 Portfolio Contest Award B&W 2008 Single Image Contest Lucie Awards 2007 PX3 2007 PhotoLife Image International 2007 Lucie Awards 2006

Comentarios (2)


bungles dice

Beautiful, absolutely beautifully photographed - I loved every turn of the page. This is a real treasure and should be on the Staff Picks! Many thanks for sharing the whole of the book on what was clearly a very personal journey.

publicado 30 de ene. a las 10:40 PST


ChrisMTH dice

Well done, Lung Liu... I love your works alot. It tells stories through the photographs. Actually, I like your other books's hard to choose which one to vote... Anyway, good luck ok.

publicado 08 de ago. a las 01:31 PST

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