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The book "A Requiem for Lost Time" is a guide to coping with mental illness, recovery and special music. Images of Bipolar Disorder are communicated through the music (found online at handcraftedsound.com) the artwork and autobiographical narration.


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Erik Peter Hansen
erikpeterhan Salt Lake City, Utah
This artist and composer Erik Peter Hansen was knocked down to a bare minimum of life by severe mental illness in the late eighties. He spent most of his young life within inpatient and outpatient clinics and hospitals. Music therapy came into his life immediately as taught by great members of the Salt Lake Valley's Mental Health Organizations. Erik took what he knew, educated himself and when he could went on to help and mentor other mentally ill artists. When it was possible he sung bass-baritone with the Utah Symphony and Opera for more than seven seasons. At age 29 the psychotic events that came from huge rushes of mania and depression became too difficult and dangerous for Erik and the people around him. His wise neurologist, parents and friends decided to take the drastic measure of applying Electro-convulsive treatments to a schedule of therapy for Erik. His entire memory was eventually lost and he started over...

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