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While photography is no longer how I make a living (being a Quality Engineer for a medical device company pays much better), I still like to shoot and share. This book contains a few (ok, 300+ in 120 pages) of my favorite pictures, digital and film, from over 35 years of shooting.

And don't just look. See. See what is in the details. See the galaxy in a knothole.


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Bob Wall
BTWGF San Jose, California
While I do consider photography an art, I don't think of myself as an artist. I tend to be too analytical for that. I rarely shoot for "feeling", but more often for something others might not see. Or just to capture a moment in time. I like to shoot the objects you see everyday, but maybe from a slightly different angle. Or focus a little closer on something you might ordinarily overlook. Instead of the big picture, I might focus on the little things in that picture. Anybody can shoot a building; I want to shoot what is unique about that building. Using photography, I want to make you think. I want people to pay attention to what's around them. Break out of their box. Look at the knotholes in a tree; look at a rain-soaked parking lot; look at the shapes and colors in something as simple as an awning. Stand by the railroad tracks when a freight train goes by and look at the grafitti on the railcars. Some of it is really pretty good.

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