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This Graphic Novella (AKA Comic Book)… Follows one of my common themes … the 'man woman' thing.

The war of the sexes... Or more exactly... Gender based relationships and their causal effects on the development of Human Civilization.

It is an amusing 'laugh out loud' adult fairy story of how men were invented.

Although the story itself is somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’, it contains and expresses some fundamental truths. That Female is the default condition of nature and that the Male is a subset of Female (and not the other way round).

In fact if one considers the chromosomal structure of life females have two chromosomes both in the shape of an X, But then Males also have two chromasomes, one X, and one Y

Ah! But the Y is of course just an X with a bit broken off … and men are therefore genuinely, lesser things than women.

So how come, they … the men... appear to run the world???? Well, one might also like to consider that the first ‘God’ figure recorded in human prehistory was a female … ‘The Mother’ from some 35,000 years ago … but then a considerable time later ( aroung 30,000 years)... ‘God’ became... 'A Man'

Mmmmm! … How did that happen???

The prose version of this tale led to my appearance on UK national TV … as guest on the “Richard and Judy Show”, that was... as my grandson would say... ‘COOL”.


Acerca del autor

Ian Thomson
ijjthomson wild in the country

IJJ Thomson has been published in the UK, USA and the Republic of Korea.

He has lived and worked as an Engineer in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. These travels have left him with a deep love of storytelling, social and industrial anthropology and world myths and folktales.

His adult fairytale ‘The Making of Man’ was one of the 15 finalists from 17,500 entries in a 2003 Channel 4 National Literary competition and led to his appearance on UK national television as a guest on the Richard and Judy show (C4), while his book ‘Big brother, Little Sister’ was a standard text in the Integrated Arts Curriculum within the Canadian Universities Teacher Training programme.

His work incorporating graphics and story has been exhibited by the University of Dundee, and has been broadcast on BBC Children’s Television.

He is also an active family historian. researching, writing, and producing, family histories in book form for the Scots American Community.

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