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The Lost Centennial Project is an exploration of an area many Philadelphians drive by everyday. Most only know of the Please Touch Museum and Mann Music Center, which are located inside the foot print of the original exposition space. They do not realize the area offers so much more to explore and enjoy.

My goal is to feature many of the forgotten treasures of this district. One of these jewels is the Centennial Arboretum which is the home of The Horticulture Center and the Japanese House located right behind the Please Touch Museum. The Arboretum offers 27 acres of wandering trails, brooks, and gardens. During the spring you can find yourself in the middle of a butterfly or humming bird garden. There is a path once known as Fountain Avenue leading you directly to the Catholic Total Abstinence Fountain and the two remaining lakes, Centennial and Concourse Lakes.

This area has always held fascination for my camera and myself. The soft rolling hills, the fragrance of freshly blooming flowers, or simply listening to the wind while sitting on a bench under a tree can be easily found. It is hard to believe this entire site contained enormous structures and support for ten million people during the event. With passage of time very little evidence is left of the major piece of Philadelphia history; hopefully it will not be lost in the shadows of time.

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