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What happens when the person in charge decides that the benefits of carrying on regardless outweigh the risks involved?

What if it turns out that 'doing the right thing' isn't the right thing at all?

And what happens when it all gets completely beyond your control...?

When a windmill gets out of hand it becomes almost impossible to stop. When this happens, the powerful machinery that has hitherto brought prosperity and the very bread they eat to the community it serves can be completely destroyed.

The nemesis of those who would do the 'right thing' is that their conception of their duty might be overtaken by events that render their version of events naive.

Turndust is a book about the risks involved in trying to do what one thinks is best for everyone. Good intentions are not always enough.

Sometimes the wind will rise up, and simply take the machine out of your hands.

"What am I to do?
If I don't work
they'll be breadless
and blaming me."


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Andrew Eason
aeason Bristol, UK

Fecha de publicación  18 de junio de 2008

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Categoría  Bellas artes

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