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HaRa Modas libro de fotografías

Momma and her Girls - a HaRa Photobook

I love to watch my twins work on their own projects. I am showing a bracelet they made for me. They always include me in the play and their imagination. They created HaRa Modas last year. They have designed all the way from clothes and accessories for girls and ladies to dinner chinaware. They have come to some societal agreements. I said I wanted to invest on the dream designs they catalog with hand drawing and priced. The price tag is so big! But the value is bigger, you bet!

It is such joy to see them develop their bold small enterprises. They sometimes invite friends and form teams so easily. They also work as each others' subordinates with an admirable attitude. I try to learn with them. They have a long list in their client briefcase. I hear them calling one by one with formal kindness. And they are so sure they make great business. So am I. Momma is just enjoying their strength to work, the energy to arrange quick solutions and plan fast. They have their own office, market and design kits from Escola de Escribinhas and they are absolutely no mess!


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