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Oman is different... Today many people when they hear about the unrest in many countries of the Islamic world tend to think it twice before planning a trip there...
Well, we visited Oman recently and we were pleasantly surprised not only by the total absence of turmoils, but by people hospitality, by the beautiful natural wonders (desert, mountains, beaches), by the well preserved traditions, by the good level of infrastructures (roads, airport, hotel, etc.).
In the past the country has been very important because of incense production and trade. Then it became strategically critical for the Portuguese routes to India. After decades of decline and isolation, starting from 1970, with th new Sultan Qaboos, Oman has steadily improved both from an economic and social viewpoint. By flipping through the pages of this book we hope you'll get an idea of this rather unknown country. Thanks for your attention!


Acerca del autor

Giuseppe & Gina Menzio
menzio Rome, Italy
Gina and myself have been together now more than 50 years !... We do not have the same character nor the same interests, at least not all of them... and this may be one reason for the 50 years... However, for sure we share at least two passions: travelling and taking pictures (also some other I would not mention...). This is why you will see in our books pictures of persons and places we have visited in these years. Hope you'll enjoy them.

Fecha de publicación  08 de agosto de 2011

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Comentarios (3)


derawala420 dice

Bravo! I like the composition of your photos and beautiful layout! I have just published my first book which has images of Russia. Your layout has given me ideas about my next book on Turkey.. Congratulations!

publicado 11 de ago. a las 13:52 PST


Marwin dice

What a beautiful pictures. I didn't know Oman is such a beautiful land. Thanks for showing me. Compliments for the layout!

publicado 09 de ago. a las 05:23 PST


Maxfocus dice

This is a spectacular book. The photographs and layout are outstanding. Congratulations!

publicado 08 de ago. a las 10:01 PST

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