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The photographs from this book were taken in December, 2008 during a two week safari in South Africa and Botswana. In South Africa, we visited MalaMala Game Reserve, which borders Kruger National Park and in Botswana, we visited Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve. Out of over 4,000 photographs, these are some of my favorites.

The title of the book “The Safari of our Dreams: An Adventure of a Lifetime” really is about how this trip was my father’s trip of a lifetime. Growing up, I remember seeing National Geographic magazines scattered around the house and having literally multiple stacks of older National Geographic magazines that spanned several different decades in one of our closets. And, I used to watch National Geographic/wildlife shows with my father, and he would watch them with complete reverence and awe. So, when my girlfriend at the time (and now wife) needed to travel to Southern Africa for work, I knew that it would be a great opportunity to plan a safari trip that my father had been wanting to take for his entire life.
While this was my 2nd safari experience and the 3rd for my now wife, and of course my father’s first safari, it was a truly magical trip, and I still remember with joy and wonder some of the situations we witnessed—for example, seeing a cheetah suffocate a baby impala and then ingest most of the entire body in about 15 minutes, watching two rhinos face-off with one another for dominance, stumbling on two lions mating next to the road one morning, listening and seeing a female leopard call out for her adolescent cub, having him appear within a couple of minutes and seeing them nuzzle briefly on a termite hill. I hope these photographs do justice to my incredible experiences and memories.


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Howard Ting Photography
hhting San Francisco, CA
My focus is on fine art landscape and wildlife photograhy. I live in Northern California and really enjoy photographing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the California coast. One of my favorite emotional experiences in life is a sense of awe, and I often have that feeling when I'm immersed in the natural world—whether it’s experiencing a spectacular sunset in Big Sur, watching a cheetah digest an entire impala in 15 minutes, or seeing the morning mist on a Tuscan valley. When I’m out photographing, especially in my favorite locations or photographing subjects I particularly enjoy, I often experience a combination of awe, inspiration, and humility. So, my goal is to capture the emotions that I am feeling when I make a photograph and try to translate that same level of awe, inspiration, and humility to the viewer.

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ghita123 dice

Dear Howard,

I liked very much your Safari book. I went on Safari in Tanzania last year for my honeymoon with my husband. I am trying to set up a photo book. As i am impressed by yours, I would like to know which fonts did you use for yours.
Thank you for your help!

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