Laura Sackton

Craftsbury Common, Vermont, United States
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Laura Olive Sackton is a writer, farmer, and cook. She currently lives in Vermont's beautiful Northeast Kingdom, where she spends her days writing, cross-country skiing, cooking, and attending Sterling College. She started farming five years ago, and since then, her passion has been growing food, cooking food, and writing about food. She believes that good food is at the center of healthy lives and a healthy planet. In her essays, poems, and recipes, she strives to illuminate the ways in which wonder, gratitude, hard work, and good food come together. Everything she does - seeding carrots and broccoli in the spring, baking bread and canning tomatoes, writing fiction and poems, creating recipes, and walking through the winter woods stems out of the same wonder and joy in the natural world. In her writing and her cooking, she tires to translate that wonder into responsible, wise, and sustainable use of the land. She invites you to join her in all the bountiful blessings of this world.

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