David Benjatschek

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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After a 15 year career with Shell Canada in 2006 I spread my own wings and started my training company. For the past several years I have been fortunate to do 2 things I love:

1) Spend my days across North America, Europe and the MIddle East working with Emerging Leaders in companies. It is my passion to give them a practical blueprint for success in their leadership journey.

2) Photographing Canada's Big Rig Calendar each year. My love for photography started 10 years ago when I met my wife who is a photographer. Since then I've completed by photography certificate at the the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and have established a Canadian Tradition with the Wowtrucks® Calendar which is Canada's Big Rig Calendar. My entire career at Shell involved working with Canada's Transport Sector in one way or the other and the photography is just an extension of that relationship.

While they may see so different, they share the fact that I get to celebrate people in both!

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