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Walt Gunster
Blurbero desde diciembre de 2009
Nombre Walt Gunster
Ubicación Christiana, TN 37037
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Happily Retired
Mi biografía Two careers, twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator in cargo planes and twenty years at a Technology School as a teacher of computers, repair, programming and use. When I retired for the second time, I decided to make my third career World Traveler. I've been to a lot of places in the Air Force and more as a tourist, and I plan to continue for as long as I can. My next tours, Insha' Allah, will be Eastern Europe and Southern Africa, followed by the Carribean, Italy and Dalmatia, and Chile. I enjoy taking pictures and working with them on my Mac. Bookmaking is fun for me; my first was in 1958!

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Morocco in November 2014.