Ben Visbeek

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Making photo's is one thing, editing is the other.
Control both and perfect picture will become in range.
Still trying to make perfect picture.

I started making photo's at the age of 8. I took my mother's old belly-camera from around 1950 to take some photo's at my first school trip to the Zoo. The shutter speed was determine by the speed of your finger! Later on, it was done in the dark room. Nowadays life is more easier with Photoshop!

I try to shoot all kind of things; nature, flora, fauna. people, action, buildings, abstract, macro and even surreal. Every subject needs its own specialism. This is a challenge and fun at the same time :)
That's why I'm feeling more like a 'decathlon' photographer than being superb in one subject. But most credit will go to my nature images. I've traveled all around the world and seen beautiful scenery's but remember that a good photo can be taken anywhere even in your own neighborhood.

Picture you, Picture me,
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