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Sylvie Robert
Blurbero desde enero de 2007
Nombre Sylvie Robert
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Ubicación Miami Beach, FL (United States)
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación Digital Artist - Painter
Mi biografía Sylvie Robert was born in Paris, France, the daughter of an architect. She studied Business Administration at the American College, Paris, and art and architecture at L’ Ecole du Louvre, Paris.She proceeded with her studies in Business Administration and graduated from the John Cabot University of Roma, Italy.Here she received a great impetus from the surrealist art of Salvador Dali and that of an Italian painter born in Greece, Giorgio de Chirico.
Robert’s admiration for de Chirico’s metaphysical paintings ascertains itself in her mysterious and deserted fantasy-scapes. The overstated perspective in these evokes an ominous and at another times auspicious dream space-age world. Aligned to this novel imagery is the technique Robert uses: digital art.

Robert is fascinated by the ancient theory of Feng Shui, ‘Wind Water’, that concerns the nonresistant elements which can be felt but not seen.