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Turine Tran
Blurbero desde junio de 2011
Nombre Turine Tran
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación Illustrator
Mi biografía Growing up in an old house full of dusty books, in a busy area of Saigon, Vietnam, I always have two main obsessions: picture books and nature. With illustration, I find myself in the balance of a wild world I am living in, a mixture of cultural inspirations, and the golden days of my childhood.

Through nostalgic, dreamy images, I let out the playfulness and creativity within myself. I draw in order to see things once again the way I did as a child. Pre-occupied with books and illustration, I aim to bring people to a whimsical world where a tiny wild flower could become a fantastic wonder.

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