Trevor Sault

St Leonards, Victoria, Australia
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When Trev Sault left school in the mid 1960’s he had two half-way reasonable talents. Writing and Art. Art school offered a place and a teaching studentship. Money! The decision took 3 nano-seconds. After thirty-odd years teaching and lecturing in Visual Arts his employers gave him a golden handshake (a financial incentive to prompt voluntary retrenchment) and said “get out”. He resumed his confusion between Writing and Art all over again and now pursues faintly remembered ambitions of famed authorhood and so on. Unfortunately his head is slowly dissolving and reconstituting itself in the region of his navel. You cannot see this in the photo because he is standing front on. Before his head disappears completely he has been furiously working on books like this one. Tasks where short sentences, old jars of leftover paints, Photoshop and low cunning come to the fore. His new motto: “enjoy it while you can”.

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