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Rikke Barfod
Blurbero desde abril de 2011
Nombre Rikke Barfod
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Ubicación Denmark
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación Screenwriter
Mi biografía Rikke was born and lives in Denmark. She got to know India when walking around its roads. She fell in love with the country and the people way back at her first visit in 1966. Today she still goes for strolls in India when staying with her Indian friends. She spends the rest of her time taking film manuscript lessons in London, learning Hindi and, of course, continuing telling stories to her grandchildren as she did to her own children. “Bachri – a Calf’s tale” is her first published story, but the subject – how animals are treated - has always been on her mind. She respects all creatures and in India was taught not to eat animals.

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I have three screenplays in mind. Bridget's Well is a true tale that came out of the Irish Civil War and the fight with the Black & Tans. The next is about a hapless homeless man whose fate is about to change - for the worse - McDuff's Mirage. The third work is set in modern Southwest USA and is a coming of age story for a native American boy - Shawnee Bull.
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