Tim Phelps

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Associate Professor, Medical Illustrator, Johns Hopkins Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Tim is a Past President and Past Chair of the Board of the Association of Medical Illustrators. He has been illustrating medicine and science for 30 years with work appearing in over 60 surgical textbooks and atlases, over 100 book chapters and journals, and over 20 magazine titles. He was the Art Director and primary illustrator for the Johns Hopkins Family Health Book (Harper Collins, 1999) creating over 500 illustrations for this publication. Other clients include: Elsevier, The Smithsonian, and Merriam Webster Dictionaries. His work has been regionally and nationally awarded over 40 times. He is also the author of Up in Flames: The Art of Flame Painting (MBI 2006). Tim has designed flamed fish and fowl for the Hawaiian shirt company-- Paradise on a Hanger and is the series designer for Greenlight Toys’ “Muscle Car Garage- Up in Flames” (2008 and 2009).