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Mi biografía Currently living in France with my 3 boys and the hubby.

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having been in france for a little over a year and a half, i am thinking of doing a book on the wines, cheeses and food local to this area. it is a bit hard to decide though, i have taken so many pictures in such a short time, if not the foods then i will work on nature and art...
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thus far i have been living in france for a little more than a year and a half, my husband is french, we just bought a house in the country and plan on staying for a long time. i love it here and look forward to capturing each season as it happens...
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the books i am making are done in an attempt to tell the story that is france... the beauty and simple joys you can find here even without the use of words. everyone knows that paris is wonderful and it is... but the smaller towns have just as much life and spirit to offer up.
what i hope to show you, the reader, is a smaller view of the big picture... so that you can see the things that often get missed when the eye looks for more then it is ready to see.