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Acerca de mi empresa We write words. Words that are simple and engaging. That is what we do at themybigtoecompany.

Our aim is to help our clients say what they need to say – simply. And in a way that engages those who listen. In today’s business world, the act of communication is characterised by the use of jargon, management speak and mumbo-jumbo.

Everything we write has impact – tells a story. We use clean, simple words. For communication to engage an audience, we often find simple is best. The writer, Ernest Hemingway, was once challenged to write a novel in just six words. “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”.

Simple words – yet utterly engaging. We can but hope to be remembered in the same way. But that is our dream. To write simple words that make a lasting impression. We also do great books too, thanks to Blurb!
Áreas de especialización writing, copy, wordsmithing, magazines, websites, newsletters... and of course Blurb-inspired books!

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