Leeds, UK
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Who are The Red Pills?

We formed in September 2008, taking our name from the movie 'The Matrix.' Keanu Reeves' character 'Neo' is given a choice of pills to ingest; a red pill or a blue pill. Taking the blue pill will allow Neo to continue to live a cosy, comfortable lie. Taking the red pill will allow him to wake up to the truth.

Despite being a laid back, self-effacing bunch valuing off-the-wall humour and often touching on less salubrious topics, we're equally at home railing against the injustices of the world. We think the music industry is overrun with Machiavellian record company bosses and homogenised primadonnas, both of whom are emotionally and financially detached from the lives of most people.

What are The Red Pills up to these days?

We're releasing a concept album about the credit crunch, called 'Northern Rock'. We decided to make lyric / story / artbooks to complement that release.

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