Kate Whitehead

Hebden Bridge
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The collection was inspired by the urban environment in which paper designs on walls are found- city back streets and abandoned, forgotten and overlooked items. The collection involved patching and mending and has a feel of materials found, restored and repaired. During research I discovered a mending technique known as “Boro”. Boro translates to Rags and Tatters and originates from the North of Japan. It is the practice of treasuring, re-using and recycling textiles. I have chosen poor materials because they are overlooked in favour of more fashionable fabrics. I consider poor materials to be beautiful in their own right- they are humble and honest. I have used a selection of waste paper, calico, various salvaged fabrics and vintage curtains from charity shops and flea markets. My work is stitched, patched and dip-dyed.

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