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Tom Swift #6: For many years Tom and his father have been in communication with a mysterious alien race stationed on or around Mars. In spite of the Swift's attempts, these Space Friends have been trying to visit Earth, but have been unable to do so one their own or to supply Tom with andy real data about themselves. Now, their "masters" have sent them the order to leave our solar system and abandon attempts to visit Earth. Tom fears his friends may face punishment or death if he can't succeed!
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Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin, Jasper Fforde and Christopher Brookmyer. All very good authors, and all writing some of the quirkiest, funniest and most intriguing science fiction and mysteries today.
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Unfortunately, Blurb provides such poor layout and publishing tools, that this and all my other Tom Swift novels are not available here. They may be found on a competitor's site at:

Sorry, Blurb, but you have steadfastly failed to fix all of the broken things with your system. I have no other choice but to take my longer book work elsewhere!