Anthony Boccaccio

Spokane, WA USA
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Tony began his photographic career with National Geographic Magazine in 1971. A world-class photographer, presenter and teacher, Tony has photographed in over 30 countries in as many years with a client list that is straight from the Fortune 500. Fluent in Italian and familiar with Italian culture and history, he is the ultimate combination of photographer, artist, guide and coach.

While a student at the University of Rochester, he was invited by the director of photography at Eastman Kodak to spend time with their photographers who provided him with valuable training, free film and development for four years. This opportunity proved invaluable and eventually led to working with National Geographic Magazine.

"Where Madness Follows - The Search for Gold in the Amazon Jungle" is the work of over 40 years of tramping throughout the Brazilian Amazon Basin recording the lives of the gold miners, river people, Indians, Families, Missionaries, and children of the great gold rush.

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