norberto medina jr

Bridgeport Ct Usa
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hello my name is norberto medina jr
I was born in the city of Bridgeport Connecticut sept 14 1968
i am the first born of 3 siblings in the early years I went to columbus elementary school as well as bryant school I went to maplewood middle school were I graduated to bassick high school and got a high school diploma durring high school after trying football I got injured and took journalism which led to a liking of photography which I love to do now as a side profession,as a child I was bullyed by other children because either who I was or because I was chubby but I over came thoughs odds I was a customer service agent fo Cablevision of southern connecticut for 6 yrs and sort of enjoyed the job I have a niece and a nephew named Matthew and hanna and they love to play around in my house my father and mother still alive Amalia Medina and Norberto medina sr,

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