Steve Javiel

San Francisco, CA
Acerca de

Steve Javiel, born and raised in Los Angeles and now a resident of San Francisco is a passionate artist devoted to offering his perspectives on what he believes to be beautiful.

Most of his work is non-representational due to his attraction to color, shape,form and texture. The textured walls, graffiti, and posters of the urban streets of San Francisco have been a great influence on his own painting style.

His concepts will come into being through his own photography. With his own images he is able to compose a preferred direction which he creates a small study from and finalizes as larger works.

He strives to create richly textured surfaces using a variety of materials such as oil paint, acrylic, pumice, joint compound, paper, liquin, galkyd and spray paint. In this way, he is able to translated a multitude of urban textures into the painting surfaces both canvas and wood paneling. Ultimately, his passion is to communicate how one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

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