Stephanie La

Alhambra, California
Acerca de

I am a Chinese born Australian who moved to America in 1999 when I married my husband. We have two beautiful children; Jade and Bodhi. I am Civil Engineer by profession but my real passion is being an entrepreneur. I love to create products from my imagination. I have always wanted to write and this book is a long time dream come true.

This book is about my life. I'm an ordinary woman who has been through quite a fair bit in her 38 years. Writing this book was therapeutic in the sense that it helped me let go a lot of the baggage that was plaguing me for a long time.

What I have learned throughout my life to date is that love is the most important thing in this world. I dream of a future where everyone can live freely with love all around. Love is the reason the world exists today and without love I don't believe there will be a tomorrow. God bless!