Steve Sherfy

St. Charles, MO
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I've been writing for 20+ years now and have explored a few different genres. I started with thriller novles and have completed a couple full-length novels (non-published so far) but several years ago I dipped my pen into the pool of children's fantasy.

With the childrens/teen fantasy, I have two trilogies currently in work. For both trilogies I have completed the initial writing of the first two books. I intend to have all four of these works available online by the end of this year.

The first series is titled The Glaenwood Tales, geared towards girls at the pre-teen/early teen age group. The second series is titled The Adventures of Brennan Bladeson which is aimed at young teen boys.

All books in these series are shorter in page count and chapter length, making them easier to read through for younger readers and those just starting out with reading as a past-time.