Upstate, New York
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Sports writer by trade, photographer by love.

I take photos because I love to do it. I see an image I like and take the shot. I don't always abide by the "rules" of photography and sometimes I do. I also don't usually do this for others -- I do it because I love it and want to make something I feel is a good shot. The greatest part of photography -- and any art -- is that the beauty is different in everyone's eyes.

I love sports photography for the raw emotion. People photos are something I really love as it shows a great slice of life. I'll capture shots in bars, baseball stadiums, in the country, city or wherever. People are everywhere and always make for a good shot.

Some other projects include covered bridges and waterfalls. I'm also starting to get interesting in dams as they are amazing structures, especially to try and capture in an image.

Nature is also fun to shoot, but you have to be in the right setting. I do the best I can.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

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