Elaine Weeks

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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I am self-employed and work from my home editing books and dreaming up marketing ideas.
I have two teenagers – a boy and a girl – and in my previous life, I backpacked around the world, and before that life, I was a track and field athlete. I am very happily taken.
My main passions are photography, travel, reading, gardening, volunteer work and my family.
I love that every day is a chance to learn something new. I'm sad that i don't have time to read more books.
I have tried to make a difference ever since I knew I could. I helped organize and picket (in the freezing cold!) against McDonald's styrofoam packaging when I was 9 months pregnant (notice they stopped using it for their burgers?); I have reused cloth bags for over twenty years; I am a Global Parent; I donate money every month to two charities; I have walked to help stop violence against women – i could go on but I think you get the idea. : )
And last but not least, I am very thrilled to have discovered!

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