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Tink Meritai
Blurbero desde julio de 2013
Nombre Tink Meritai
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Nor'East, USA
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación Artist
Mi biografía I am a lifelong artist creating in many mediums including collage, assemblage, fabric and anything else a creative frenzy invokes.
My passion for music and my vast collection of vinyl and shellac records and vintage phonographs led me to found the Atomic Vinyl Zombies, the Club for Ravenous Record Fiends. The AVZ's have grown quickly in a short time and as a group we were responsible for saving nearly 800 78rpm records from destruction from a Long Island record store.
I am also a poet and created a form of performance art that I call Spoken Word Exotica.
I embrace life and all the magic that goes along with it. I maintain an Art Life and try to see beauty and art in all things.

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