Sho En Kan Nei (Jen Copeland)

Crockett, CA, USA
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Although I have been drawing since toddlerhood, I decided to become a professional artist one day in a little café up the mountain hiking trail from my boarding school, TASIS, above Lugano, Switzerland. Sitting with several other students around the big table in the café, enjoying plates of sliced salami, strong cheeses and French bread, I watched a senior student sketching the scene in a drawing pad. From that moment, I wanted to be an artist, too. I was 14 years old.

I attended UC Santa Cruz, graduating with a BA in Art, in 1981.

It was in 2012, that I decided to write and illustrate a book worthy of being published. The result is Monsieur Chen and the Somali Pirates. I am working on my second illustrated book, The Day My Lofted Tennis Ball Landed Smack Dab in the Middle of a Dog Show.

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