Thomas Moriarity

Bentonville, Arkansas
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Thomas Moriarity
Thomas Moriarty, the author, was born in 1923 on a farm in rural South Dakota. His pride in his parents and his Irish heritage is equal to his pride in his marriage to his wife, Dolores, and in raising their three children, Kathleen, Sean and Sheila. His life of 89 years has been full of a myriad of experiences and accomplishments. He served as an officer in the Navy for four years during World War II in the Pacific Theater and was present at the signing of the treaty that ended the war. In 1953, he earned his Doctorate from the University of Oregon and went on to serve in leadership roles in educational administration as the Chairman of the School of Education at the University of Rhode Island (1961-1969) and the Dean of the School of Education at the University of South Dakota (1969-1979). Other highlights included becoming a grandparent and buying his own 160 acre farm on the Vermillion River in South Dakota. Tom began writing his life story at 86.

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