Sarah Jones-Stasik

Fallbrook Ca
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I am a 30 year old mother of 2. Grew up in Oceanside Ca and lived for few years in Oahu HI. I worked as a model until the age of 25 then retired and spent my days with my husband , my children and our 5 dogs 2 cats 2 chinchillas and 1 horse. I have One daughter who is 12 years old and whom is an English horseback rider. and a Son that is a 9 year old videogame master. Since they were born I have been determined to keep a strong communication and bond with them. So when they get to those years they start struggling with different life issues they know they can come to me about anything. I came up with this analogy that I've used since they were babies and now have written it into a book so that way other parents can help their children understand what roles all parents play in their lives.

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