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Susan LeVine
Blurbero desde abril de 2013
Nombre Susan LeVine
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Santa Barbara, CA
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación artist/designer/illustrator
Mi biografía I make art, I design things but must of what I do is based on a preservation of my connection with something bigger than me. Sometimes things come through me and I have no idea where they come from but I just hold the pen and let it flow. Uccellino products, Recycled Paper Greeting cards, book illustrations, fine art, paintings of birds and nature...these are some of the things that I have made. Hopefully more things will come through me...who knows? This book came through in the middle of the night after being in an indesign class and being frustrated with the computer. I'm basically sharing the tings I do to reconnect. Hopefully this book will help you, that's why I made it, to help others with techniques that help me.
Oh other info, I have a masters in Art History from U of Chicago and a BA from U of Colorado. I grew up in Tennessee and now live in California, I've lived a few other places in between.

Cosas que no me importa que sepan todos

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Thsi book will help unleash your creativity!
Todos necesitan saber acerca de estos autores y artistas...
Mary Oliver, Leonard Cohen, Wallace Stevens, e.e. cummings,Ted Andrews, Odilon Redon, Maira Kalman, Matisse, Paul Klee, Mark Rothko, Daniel Pinkwater, Pontormo, Patty Griffin, Johnnie Coltrane.... I have a long list in my book!
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
I think that everyone do these simple things to tap into creativity. One thing that I didn't mention in the book that is quite helpful is skipping and picking random words and putting them together.