Scott Parsons

Newport Beach, CA
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For many years, I had a traditional life. In fact, I was "Johnny All-American"; class president, homecoming king, honor roll & dean's list student, husband, homeowner, corporate ladder climber, company VP. I was en-route to the "American Dream", you know: an over-leveraged mortgage, two cars, a dog, 2.5 kids, etc. Then, gradually, I woke up and realized (in the words of the Talking Heads) "this is not my beautiful did I get here?". From that point forward, my life has been something less than traditional, but in that time, I've ridden my bike 10's of thousands of miles through numerous countries, I've raised money for charity, I've had the privilege of taking care of my mother during her final days and I've made the best friends I've ever had. I've chosen to attempt to live each day as if it were my last. At times I've succeeded wildly, frequently, I've failed miserably, regardless, I've gone to sleep peacefully each night since I began living life!

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