Shaundra Boyd

Union City, GA
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Born on January 10, 1980, this Capricorn is true to her sign. She is an ambitious, hard working author working on her first book, Peek Into Our Windows, which is inspired by her love for her son, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in early 2008. Shaundra is the mother of two children and a wife who was raised in East Point, Georgia in a low-middle income household where education was a top priority, although her parents only had high school educations. Being the youngest of four children, Shaundra looked up to her older sisters for guidance, especially after losing her mother at the young age of 17. This was a devastating loss and while she was unsure of what the future would hold, she pressed forward, finishing high school and then college. After two years of wondering what to do next, Shaundra realized that her business degree was not where her passion lied and thus went to pursue her true passion, which was education. Since that time she has successfully taught students

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