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Saravut Sopapunta
Blurbero desde octubre de 2008
Nombre Saravut Sopapunta
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Ubicación Studio City, California
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Film Director, Screen Writer, Novelist, Photographer
Mi biografía I've wanted to be involved with film making ever since my brother put a camera in my hand and made me follow him and his friends skateboarding. Since then, I took a directing course in 6th grade under Spyder Alton, a great influence on my career. I was the only one in his class at the time. High school was the first time I ever directed people to act, and I loved it. It changed my life forever. Up until that point, I only wanted to act. That was the focal point of the shift in careers for me.

Since then, I went on to teaching gymnastics for over 10 years (ages 1 - 60 and Beginner - Elite), but in my heart I wanted to be involved in film. Now, I am working on many different projects in film, from Production Assistant to Director. I said if it took five or 50 years I would make it in this business, and I meant it.