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American Trust Group LLC is committed to help customer‘s needs by providing the right mortgage product, under prompt time frames and superb customer service. We understand that in order to fully accomplish your objectives, the loan acquisition process should be secure, straightforward and effectuated with the same level of professionalism.
American Trust Group LLC offers a wide selection of products to meet the customer’s individual requirements. We specialize in tailoring loans and loan modifications for just about any situation. We could be highly responsive to the needs of customers, constantly striving to exceed what we perceive to be their level of expectation.

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Who we are
We are a Mortgage Broker company that has been particularly recognized due to our most valuable asset, our people. Our staff is composed of Certified Mortgage Brokers, Underwriters and Appraisers. Through their professional experience, commitment to education, and ethical business practices, they work together in order to exceed customer expectations.

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Why we succeed
We succeed because we are devoted to the highest level of dedication to exceed our customers’ expectations and we posses a competitive advantage in the selection of loan programs that would qualify any type of borrower. Unlike other mortgage companies, our mortgage products adapt to our customers’ needs, not the other way around. Our commitment is deeply instilled in our staff that permanently focuses on servicing borrowers, while maximizing performance and minimizing slack time.